The doctrine of non-lethal war is confirmed by the crisis of the planetary ecosystem

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The doctrine of non-lethal war is confirmed by the crisis of the planetary ecosystem


Iunatskevich P.I. Saint Petersburg, Academy of  Ecosocial Technologies, 2020.


The period of the global pandemic threat has turned values upside down.


The doctrine of non-lethal war was suddenly confirmed by the planet Earth itself and the planet entered into this doctrine as an active subject. We can see that planet's ecosystem is in revolt in different ways: climatic, biological, social and even the cosmic one. 

Where the Homo sapiens could not determine the "enemy", the planet made it itself. But this is not a COVID-19 virus at all!

The balance of planet's ecosystem is violated due to the increase to a critical mass of social parasites, the nature of which will be discussed in this article.

Over the past decades, in any case there has been no true origin – moral, ethical values. Classical morality, based on declared universal values, collapsed, giving way to a utilitarian, monetary, pragmatic value system. The modern citizen of any state on the planet was not going to give his life for ideals that were affected by double moral standards.

At the same time, living standard of the population of most developed countries over the past decades nevertheless has become more comfortable. People cherish this comfort and they are used to relative satiety. Simultaneously, the level of information has grown immeasurably due to Internet access. Not long ago, the vector of consumption, faith in money instead faith in God, has been absorbing modern man. He used all his energy to the capture of material resources. The planet has lived through a moral holocaust: the balance of material and non-material values was violated in favour of the dictatorship of material values, aspirations and actions to redistribute planetary resources. All moral values were deformed by primitive motivation. 

Professor Chigirev V.A. called this consumer model: "the behavior of a cognitive rat". This model perfectly describes a person living in a state of permanent moral crisis.

The model uses a behavioural approach.

All human needs are conditionally reduced to three components (tasks) – «FRD»:

«F» – food (the modern equivalent of food is money); the task is to get it at any price to ensure survival;

«R» – if there is food (enough money), the next task is reproduction, reproduction of a generation, a monopoly on beautiful women and continuous sexual entertainment;

«D» – dominance over other people in order to earn more money and monopolize other people, deprive them of freedom of action. The dominance can be called one of the signs of sociopathy. Sociopaths impose their desires to the rank of norm and obligation. This is the task of suppressing, subjugating other social subjects.

«Cognitive rats» implement these three tasks, but are not ready to fight and shed their blood. They have no desire to lose their life and health. At the same time, «cognitive rats» are capable of fighting a smart war in a new format: a brutal war by non-lethal means.

Some time ago, before the period of global quarantine, the concepts and terms that are described in this article were perceived as predictive, theoretical, even futuristic ones.

However, now the consumption vector has shaken. The monetary model fails the threat of environmental imbalance. Faith in money is waning. Most people are anxious. Previously, they were in a comfortable, partly full oblivion, like the very «cognitive rats».

And they woke up only to solve their own problems « FRD ».

But now they are awakened by a planetary crisis, they have woken up and want to fight, but not kill.

They do not want to be branded as eco-fascists, but they want to protect the ecosystem, as this is a condition of survival.

The historical fate of civilization and the existence of the planet's ecosystem will depend on the doctrinal direction in which non-lethal war will develop.

The concept of soft power is well known throughout the world. It was proposed by scientists from the United States and meant the abolition of violence as a new method of the conduct of war.

However, the ideas of Professor Chigirev Viktor Anatolevich give a fundamentally new vector about the doctrine of non-lethal war. First of all, this is a new approach to the notion of the enemy. It is relevant both to any state and to any person: rich and poor, educated and common one.

Therefore, the developments of the military-scientific school by Chigirev V.A. are confirmed by the protest of the ecosystem itself at the planetary level.


The internal and external enemy of any society on the planet is a social parasite relevant and latent one (active or «sleeping» one). This enemy lives at the expense of others and harms other social subjects (individual citizens, organizations, associations, states and unions) with thought, word and deed. Thus, he harms humanity and the planet's ecosystem.

This enemy is not abstract. He was not invented by strong, wealthy politicians, oligarchs. This enemy can be everywhere, any person can identify him. And if a person has a mobile phone (or computer) in his hands, this means that there is a weapon against the enemy parasite.

However, non-lethal wars are not directed at the complete destruction of social parasites. 

Social parasites are like microflora in the intestines of mankind. If the balance of bacteria is disturbed, the process of decay begins. It should coexist with social parasites, as this is a peculiar cultural layer of humanity, the elimination of which is amount to the suicide of civilization. Social parasite cannot be destroyed, repressed, since he generates important social illusions that form the general illusion of stability and the «predictability» of tomorrow for other social subjects. In this regard, the new war goes under the following motto: «non-violence as a new method of the conduct of war».

The strategic weapon of non-lethal war: information hub; directed discourse; harm and threat assessment scale.

Harm and threat assessment scales have been developed by Professor Chigirev V.A. and his military-scientific school.

Directed discourse destroys or restores any quasi-social subject (organization, state, associations and unions). Information and organizational weapons of the VI technological order are efficient and cheap. Property and the planet's ecosystem are not damaged, killing, destruction of any social subject is not allowed, even if it is a social parasite that is obvious to society. Each social subject, with its targeted destruction is falling to pieces that are synthesized into a new social subject. A new subject is a new creation in which parasitic behavior in further development is already excluded from scratch, from a starting point. Further, if the social environment supports the ecosystem, then parasitism will remain "sleeping" in a hidden, potential state.

Here it is more appropriate to talk about the new (moral) upbringing newly established social subjects - the technological implementation of the rule of «Three Cs» – do no harm yourself, neighborhood, the environment with either thought, word or deed; build for yourself, your neighbors, the environment with thought, word and deed.

An effective weapon of the V technological way - the media to obtain a damaging effect, carries out the concentration of a distributed crowd. All are scattered in different places, connected to one or several media channels, do not see each other, get misinformation and become objects of manipulation. This technology leads to the so-called death of a social subject, for example, when a social subject ceases to influence the processes of managing his own life activity, loses his dominance position, loses money-making volumes because he loses conditions of receiving money. 

Information and organizational weapons, or its conversion version (high humanitarian and social technologies, (с) Scientific consortium of high humanitarian and social technologies) of the VI technological mode are based on the use of a mobile, virtual crowd. Such a crowd is able to deliver a striking blow with a powerful force, which a real crowd on the street cannot cope with. It is also possible to get a creative effect using virtual crowds to strike at a rhizomorphic social environment. 

A rhizomorphic social environment is understood as a social environment that independently develops stably and unstably, ignores any attempts of cognitive management (centralized management).

The purpose of a non-lethal war is to build an open and free civil society on the planet, society of social subjects (citizens, organizations, associations, states and international unions, commonwealths and alliances) that create and do no harm to other social subjects either by thought, word or deed.

The strategy of non-lethal war: building an open global civil society on the planet, in which the subject will be revived and resolved the issue of limiting criminal groups and parasitic capital.

Non-lethal war tactics: minimizing threats (organized crime and parasitic capital) through a mass valuation of the harm from each social parasite (actual or hidden).

Operational art: designing information hubs based on the use of harm and threat assessment scales.

A new stage in the development of military science is associated with the design and implementation of the developed tools for conduct of global non-lethal wars (information hubs, directed discourses, scales of harm and threats).

As Professor Chigirev V.I. notes in his research, «social systems and environments are uncontrollable, no one knows what will happen tomorrow and what happened yesterday, and if you look closely, no one understands what is happening today». Regulatory impacts on social environments are carried out in the planes of negative civil concord.

Not building but avoiding hell on earth is the task of modern specialists in information and organizational weapons, high humanitarian and social technologies.

Not the selection of the best ones in cognitive control centers, but cutting off the worst ones is the task of social technologists, social engineers and social designers, who are representatives of new professions of the 21st century.

Today it is possible to ensure a bloodless redistribution of planetary resources, to move from manual control - common centers of will and arbitrariness - to complex control systems that reflect the contradictory essence of the subject of control - a dynamic and non-linear (rhizomorphic) social environment, which consists of many social subjects. That's why an important component of the information and organizational weapon of the VI technological structure is directed discourse, which has a complex and non-linear structure that is identical to the object of management measures - a rhizomorphic social environment.

Using of high humanitarian and social technologies for creative purposes is closely related to cluster analysis and synthesis. The creation (assembly) of a new social subject, the capitalization of which is comparable to the income of the country's economy of a medium level of development, is carried out by analyzing clusters and their synthesis, and then maintaining sustainable development in a stably unstable social environment.

The period of sustainable development is closely related to the amount of harm that this social subject in the process of his life does to other social subjects.

The intermediate results of a non-lethal war are the result of the restriction of social parasitism of specific subjects that use organized crime and parasitic financial capital to realize their «FRD» (needs for money, reproduction and dominance).

Non-lethal wars are not intended at the destruction of social parasites.

Social parasites are like microflora in the intestines of mankind. If the balance of bacteria is disturbed, the process of decay begins. It should coexist with social parasites, as this is a peculiar cultural layer of humanity, the elimination of which is amount to the suicide of civilization. Social parasite cannot be destroyed, repressed, since he generates important social illusions that form the general illusion of stability and the «predictability» of tomorrow for other social subjects. In this regard, the new war goes under the following motto: «non-violence as a new method of the conduct of war».

Undoubtedly, those leaders who carry out the «war with windmills» policy without the mind, that is, eliminate social parasites, systematically kill the citizens who constitute this parasitic group for various «legitimate» reasons, generally eliminate that layer of life in the social environment, without which this environment will decay and lead to another disaster.

In this regard, our military-scientific school maintains a moratorium on deprivation of life. An organization, like a person, in the modern world should receive the right to its life and the maintain continuity. Exactly organizations become the target for informational and organizational attacks during the conduct of non-lethal wars. The discursive process performs the function of internal and external protection of the organization. The discursive process can be started if there is a new format of specialists:

- ecoconflictologist

- ecosocial technologist

- ecosocial engineer

- ecosocial designer

- specialist in cluster analysis and synthesis

For effective confrontation and a new type of contain the threats in the context of network non-lethal wars, the personnel resource is important - the new elite of society, consisting of citizens who can generate new knowledge.

Indeed, these personnel are catalysts of directed discourses, social engineers of building and regulating discursive processes, collecting information concentrators, and estimating harm and threats. A new elite are an elite with the ability to generate new knowledge. Creating this type of elite to successfully contain the pressure of external social parasites (parasitic financial capital) is the national security task of any quasi-social subject (state, union, community or alliance of states).

The new elite are capable of high-quality moderation in social networks of a new generation and dual-use. The new elite are fully prepared for an asymmetric response to new challenges and threats to national security and the defense capability of the state.

The research of the phenomenon of social parasitism and sociopathy is, in our opinion, an important promising task that we intend to solve in the future.

A promising task for research by members of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies is also the development of publicly accessible tools for strategic discourse with civil society.