For the first time in the world, the training of a highly qualified specialist was carried out on the basis of a discursive-evaluative method

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The Institute of Psychology and Informal Justice of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies cordially congratulates Rodion Evgenievich Barabanov on the successful defense of his doctoral dissertation.


Rodion Evgenievich enriched world science with new knowledge, and, of course, continuing his work, he will become a famous world scientist and teacher who will prepare his students, give them the way to universal recognition.

The defense of Barabanov Rodion Evgenievich became the first example in the world of how to train highly qualified personnel in the 21st century.

The training of a highly qualified specialist is based on the use of a discursive-evaluative method.

The course of the research, its design, protection, implementation of the results obtained into general practice for the benefit of people, is accompanied by a wide expert and mass discussion and evaluation. The work is being improved, becoming widely known, and the personality of a specialist is in demand. This qualification is confirmed by the international expert community and its quality is much higher than the preparation of a doctoral student at a particular institute in any country in the world.

Throughout the entire period of a scientist's life, experts carry out dynamic control of the scientist's qualifications. This is an extended qualification, the legitimacy of which is provided by experts from all over the world.

In addition, in the course of the research, a moral worldview is formed in a specialist, the diamond rule III-C is assimilated: do not harm yourself (C1), neighbors (C2), environment (C3) neither by thought, nor by word, nor by deed; to create for oneself, neighbors, the environment by thought, word, deed. The best achievements of world religions and philosophical holistic systems are reflected in Rule III-C and form the basis of the ideology of morality.

The institutes of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies are the only technological organizations in the world that provide not only technological support for all the processes of life of citizens, but also the training and moral education of their graduates.

It is these specialists who are really capable of confronting the challenges and threats of the 21st century. They are needed by people to resolve pressing issues.

An immoral specialist is more dangerous than an enemy. Monetarism, based on the belief in money as in God, has turned all world institutions and universities into commercial projects focused on the sale of a diploma. The student does not become a subject, he is only taught to be helpless - you do not influence anything, adapt, sell everything you can, including yourself.

The mechanism of work of the ideology-technology of money is as follows: if they have it, they have it. The more money you have, the more you have.

They have everything - from petty swindlers to international swindlers and worldly bastards, Masters of the world's money, appointing the governments of the world.

The owners of money to control the world launched the ideology-technology of money (monetocracy).

Ideology is just a pervasive idea.

The ideology of money is a pervasive idea of ​​money, the essence of which is that money decides everything: nutrition, reproduction and dominance (power) give money and there should be as much as possible. The way to get them is to snatch, get money at any cost, sell everyone, even yourself and your descendants, just to get money today. On the other hand, the accumulation instinct works to compensate for anxiety, fear of other people, society, since the accumulation of a lot of money in the hands of a meager group of people is harmful to society. And this money is used to oppress and exploit the majority.

Thus, the monetarist is always doomed to an inglorious end. Sic transit gloria mundi - this is how worldly glory passes. An example is the social death of the monetarist Nazarbayev.

A monetarist cannot, without a personal catastrophe, part with money, ensure continuity, transfer money and power to descendants.

The answer to this question was given by the main world religions and philosophical doctrines: give money to the poor. But for several millennia this axiom has been just as mysterious and understood in different ways. Our scientists Chigirev V.A. and Yunatskevich P.I. explained this axiom - distributing money to the poor means exchanging money for the creative work of these poor, so that they become spiritually and materially richer. And this distribution (the exchange of money for creative work, for the upbringing of a moral hardworking citizen) should be ideologically ensured. I, as a rich person, distribute money to the poor, because I am a moral person and I give everyone a job, I do not exploit you, I create you as moral and hardworking people.

That is, the distribution of money is not to put it in your pockets and spend it on entertainment. These are investments in education, upbringing, employment of the population. This is the benefit, the innocence of the hand of the giver - he gave money, received moral people who will not harm you and your descendants. If you don't give money, you and your descendants will be torn apart like Nazarbayev. The crucified monetarist is a symbol of the end of any slave to the ideology of money. Only by embarking on a moral path, any rich person will save himself, save the life of his family from disaster, using money to create in the interests of the majority.

If a dumb, uneducated greedy person is given a bag of money, he, like a beast, controlled by the simplest reflexes of nutrition, reproduction and dominance over others, will spend it indecently until he is beaten by others, tired of his immoral deformities and perversions, and eager to fuck such a stupid rich cattle.

If a smart rich person spends part of his money bag on distributing money to the poor in exchange for their work and moral behavior (do no harm and build), then the salvation of his family is ensured.

The technology of the ideology of money is a process that launches the idea of ​​money into society and the state, aimed at overt or covert robbery of any owner of money. Anyone who has a lot of money is enthusiastically received by everyone around him (from his wife and children, to lawyers, lawyers and managers, appointed bosses and lured judges, prosecutors and other security officials).

The ideology-technology of morality can resist this technology.

The ideology of morality is the pervasive idea that it is dangerous to harm others. You can lose your own life, food, reproduction, dominance, if you harm other people. By harming others, you rapidly shorten your life, often get sick, and lose the ability to prolong your family and deserved leadership. Having embarked on the moral path (do no harm and create), you will become spiritually richer and strengthen your somatic health.

The technology of the ideology of morality is based on the discursive-evaluative method developed by our scientists (Chigirev V.A., Yunatskevich P.I.) back in the USSR when solving the problem of recruiting strategic nuclear forces (forces of real deterrence of world aggression in the 20th century) with moral and qualified personnel . The new threats of the 21st century can no longer be eliminated with the help of strategic nuclear forces. Therefore, in order to counter the challenges and threats to security in the 21st century, we have moved from strategic nuclear forces to strategic technologies, the effect of which is comparable to the use of nuclear forces, but without lethal, bloody consequences. The basis for the development and use of strategic technologies is the discursive-evaluative method (DOM).

The discursive-evaluative method is based on the real-time visualization of social feedback in relation to a specific subject (specialist, boss) to correct personnel policy. It ensures monitoring of the moral qualities and professional compliance of each specialist and boss, motivates everyone to create, and not to imitate labor.

The launch of both closed and open information systems that provide such social feedback naturally motivates to create and keeps others from harming others, since in such systems it is clearly visible who is the pest.

Therefore, it must be urgently rotated. It is also seen who does not harm others. And such a subject can continue to work and lead. Regardless of the organization of power (autocracy, democracy, criminal-state), the use of this method ensures both state and public and private security.

In this regard, the ideology-technology of morality can be used to preserve any power, and this preservation leads to improvement, self-purification of such power from the suicidal costs of its own parasitism.

The present and the future belong to the ideology-technology of morality: everything is decided not by money in the hands of immoral managers and fraudsters, but by money in the hands of morally qualified people. There will be no harm from them. And this is the minimum expression of the well-known principle of mutual love. People cannot love each other for biological reasons, such results of research in the 20th century were obtained by ethology (the science of animal behavior). But it is possible and necessary to create conditions under which they will stop harming each other, and for this, a discursive-evaluative method has been developed, which forms the basis of the technology of the ideology of morality: the visualization of negative civil consent leads to the blocking of the parasitic behavior of a particular pest. It's humane.

The ideology of morality as a pervasive idea "do no harm and create" became the basis for the activities of the members of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies. Our graduates are moral highly qualified specialists who will not cause harm, and will create for those who turn to them for help.

We are forming a corps of moral scientists, a new elite of the world, which will direct the development of human civilization along a moral ecological path of development. A person will stop harming another person, and will create for other people. To create is to give more than to take. If you want to enter the new world elite of moral experts, scientists, improve your skills on the basis of a new technology, the essence of which is the practical application of the discursive-evaluative method and the formation of a moral worldview among bachelors, masters and doctors of science.

We congratulate our Doctor of Philosophy Rodion Evgenievich Barabanov and wish him not to harm and create for the benefit of specific citizens and all of humanity!


Director of the Institute of Psychology and Informal Justice

Chumakov Nikolai Alexandrovich

lieutenant colonel of medical service

candidate of psychological sciences

Corresponding Member of the Academy of EcoSocial Technologies