The Human Threats Classifier

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The Human Threats Classifier

The threats to humanity:

1. Ideology-technology-religion of money (monetarism). 

1.1. Sociopathies in persons carrying out public activities and functions of the global and national government and public self-government.

1.2. Social parasitism.

1.3. Anomie.

1.4. Double standarts.

1.5. Inequality.

1.6. Corruption.

1.7. Abuse of state power against the population and negligence of officials.

1.8. Violent restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

1.9. Administrative criminal groups.

1.10. Dehumanization of international and state administration.

1.11. Dehumanizing a person as a way of preparing a person to kill another person.

1.12. Lethal confrontation.

1.13. The use or threat of use of nuclear, chemical, biological weapons against a person.

1.14. Public dissemination under the guise of reliable reports of knowingly false information about circumstances that pose a threat to the life and security of citizens, and (or) about the measures taken to ensure the security of the population and territories, methods and methods of protection against these circumstances.

1.15. Creation by public persons due to their low professional suitability for their positions of circumstances that pose a threat to the life and safety of citizens:

1.15.1. Allowance for emergency situations of a natural nature due to actual violations by officials of all the rules of urban planning and development of territories.

1.15.2. The admission of emergency situations of a man-made nature due to actual violations by officials of all the rules of technical regulation.

1.15.3. Admission of emergency environmental situations, including epidemics, epizootics and other circumstances resulting from accidents, natural hazards, catastrophes, natural and other disasters that caused (could cause) human casualties, damage to human health and the natural environment, significant material loss and disruption of the living conditions of the population.

1.15.4. Permission of emergency legal situations, including through the creation of administrative criminal groups (APGs), which are a criminal conspiracy of the heads of public authorities against their own population with the aim of exploiting, humiliating and robbing it, which caused (could cause) human casualties, causing moral and material damage citizens, significant material losses and violation of the living conditions of the population.

1.15.5. The assumption of emergency educational situations, including mass functional illiteracy, stupidity of citizens, actual bad manners, anomie, psychopathization, sociopathization of students, their desubjectivation, disrupting the life of citizens.

1.15.6. Allowance for emergency political situations, including the de facto deprivation of citizens of the right to elect and be elected to government bodies, imitation of elections and fabrication of voting results, the will of citizens, instilling in them a state of learned helplessness by imitation of the protection of citizens' rights by state authorities, including the number of courts that violate the life of citizens.

2. Modification of the human food chain.

2.1. Declaration of World Hunger.

2.2. Introduction of food additives from abortive materials. 

2.3. Transition to artificial meat.

2.4. Transfer to eating insects.

2.5. Making meat from your own human cells.

2.6. Satanist Cannibalism (Hollywood Syndrome).


3. Geoengineering (terraforming) of the planet.

3.1. Replacement of carbon organics with silicon.

3.2. Reducing the content of CO2 in the atmosphere.

3.3. "Stratospheric vaccination" with silicon dust.

3.4. Sowing fields with genetically modified cereals.

3.5. "Plastic" pollution of the world's oceans.

3.6. Poisoning of drinking water sources.

3.7. Provoking the "offensive of the desert."

4. Gene and other modification of a person.

4.1. Changing the human genome using mRNA vaccines.

4.2. Changing the human genome through GM food additives.

4.3. Changing the human genome with the help of radiation.

4.4. Changing the human genome through "stratospheric vaccination".

4.5. Introduction to the body of labels-identifiers.

4.6. Implantation of neuro-interfaces.

4.7. Implantation of cloned organs.

4.8. Implantation of organs from animals.

4.9. Widespread use of abortive materials.

4.10. Destruction of moral social activists and defenders of society and the state in local military conflicts.


5. Implementation of people control systems.

5.1. Using the pandemic factor for loyalty records and medical data collection.

5.2. Hidden collection of biometric personal data.

5.3. Open collection of biometrics.

5.4. Implementation of the FacePay system.

5.5. Tracking shoppers in malls.

5.6. Travel routing. 

5.7. Fixation and identification of a person through video cameras.

5.8. Fixation of human markers through 5G systems.


6. Digitalization and social ratings without taking into account feedback social links.

6.1. Formation of BigData for social ratings.

6.2. Processing of all BigData on the Cristofari supercomputer of Sberbank.

6.3. Creation of digital "school records" and the introduction of video surveillance in schools with the definition of emotions.

6.4. Using AI to predict the unborn child.

6.5. Sale of BigData to commercial organizations, including abroad.

6.6. Transfer of bank biometrics to the state register. 

6.7. Collection of medical data on each citizen.

6.8. Use of donor organs without the permission of the donor and his relatives.

6.9. Creation and operation of digital concentration camps.


7. Genetic engineering.

7.1. Replacement of the grain fund with a GM-modified one.

7.2. Destruction of populations of farm animals and poultry.

7.3. Uncontrolled mass fishing.

7.4. GM modification of meat and dairy breeds of livestock and poultry.

7.5. GM modification of fish products.

8. Creation of a service person.

8.1. Transformation of universal values.

8.2. Degradation of education at all levels. 

8.3. Destruction of healthcare and social support.

8.4. Replacing healthcare with pharmacology.

8.5. Not granting the right of ownership to a dwelling, as well as the actual deprivation of a dwelling and a means of transportation.

8.6. Seizure, liquidation, deprivation of a person of the results of his personal subsidiary farming, including animal husbandry, cattle breeding, fruit growing and other types of agricultural activities for personal and family purposes to ensure their own livelihoods and the livelihoods of family members.

8.7. Actual deprivation of freedom of speech and movement.

8.8. Slander of public figures against a particular citizen in order to prohibit his socially useful activities.

8.9. The use by public figures of means and methods of deception, neuroticization, psychopathization, sociopathization, hysteria, panic, stupidity of citizens, spreading lies.

8.10. Use of destructive social technologies and social engineering for criminal purposes.

8.11. Raider takeover of business.

8.12. Reduction of jobs, decrease in the level of income and solvency of the population.

8.13. Negative personnel selection

8.14. Dehumanization of juvenile justice, substitution of public and state social, economic, financial, pedagogical, psychological and medical assistance to parents and children for the forced removal of children from the family.

The discussion and refinement of the Dmitry Svetin’s Classifier continues, we invite experts to express their opinion on the Classification of Threats to Humanity.  

We ask the experts for each item of the classifier to provide justification.

Classifier items that have not received expert justification will be excluded from the classifier as scientifically unfounded.

The main method of creating and using a classifier is a discursive-evaluative method, which consists in an expert group discussion and evaluation of one or another item of the classifier and a mass moral assessment with the participation of all interested citizens, which guarantees an adequate scientific and socially significant content of each item of the classifier.

All items of the classifier are the subject of discursive-evaluative analysis.

Registration of each update of the classifier is carried out by the International Movement of Volunteers of the Nravstvennoi Path “Nravstvennoi Solidarity".


The Human Threats Classifier

(Dmitry Svetin’s Classifier)


The author of the classifier idea: Dmitry Svetin.

Classifier proofreaders: experts, generators of new knowledge.

The method of creating and correcting a classifier: a discursive-evaluative method.

The principle of the classifier: expert group and mass assessment of threats to humanity from the position of the moral rule III-C: do not harm yourself (C1), neighbors (C2), habitat (C3) by thought, word or deed; creation for oneself, neighbors, environment by thought, word, deed.

Morality is a general expression of human properties that perform the function of ethical regulation of relations between members of society. A special mood of thinking and behavior that allows you not to harm yourself, others, or the environment. It is formed with the help of other citizens and organizations that constantly correct the behavior and self-esteem of a person.

The moral education of citizens is aimed at the formation of harmless and creative behavior in all spheres of life. 

The security of mankind is ensured by the nravstvennnoi unity of man, society and the state. The human nravity (morality) is a necessary condition for the very existence of all mankind. 


Text translation: Vasyliev Michael Sergeevich


Coordinator of the Movement "Nravstvennoi Solidarity"

Alexander Redko 


Secretary of the Movement "Nravstvennoi Solidarity"

Evgeniya Dotsenko 

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