Secretariat of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies wishes you a Happy New Year 2023!

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Secretariat of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies wishes you a Happy New Year 2023!


100,000 years ago, with the advent of human speech, an ethical paradigm of thinking emerged (a system of worldviews perceived as truth) based on concepts such as "good" and "evil" ("Old Ethics").  

Ethical philosophical and religious doctrines began to manipulate these concepts, justifying the recurring bloody wars and the plunder-oriented economy. Sociopathic circles emerged. Individuals who had succumbed to the mental illness of sociopathy (entailing the loss of empathy, morality and conscience) began to come into power. They used the "Old Ethics" to appoint the "good" and identify the "evil" for new plundering. The history of mankind went in sociopathic circles. Those who defeated the "evil" enemy, eventually became "evil" in the eyes of others themselves, and a bloody extrajudicial execution was carried out on them in turn. History was constantly being rewritten by sociopaths to paint themselves as "good" and their victims as "evil".

It was only at the end of the XX century that the scientists of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies substantiated, and at the beginning of the XXI century carried out a change in the ethical worldview paradigm based on the following principles and rule:

the global ecological principle (GEP): a person should not harm oneself, other people and the environment; 

the global ethical moral principle (GEMP): a person should behave in a way as not to harm oneself, other people and the environment;

the moral rule of III-C: do not harm yourself (C1), neighbors (C2), the environment (C3) with either thought, word, or deed; create for yourself, neighbors, the environment with thought, word, deed.

The technology of changing the ethical worldview paradigm is based on discursive-evaluative method (DEM), which involves organization of broad participation of citizens in discussion and evaluation of socially significant decisions through the prism of GEP, GEMP, III-C. 

A change in the ethical paradigm of thinking ("New Ethics") will lead to creation of a moral atmosphere on the planet Earth that will ensure genuine freedom for citizens, establish justice for all, and create legitimate welfare (wealth) for everyone. Lethal wars will become a thing of the past. The confrontation of people will be carried out with the help of soft power, non-lethal wars will be won by the side that achieves moral superiority over its opponent.

Get on the moral path in 2023! Create a moral atmosphere in your family, at your workplace, in your organization!  This way you will gain genuine freedom, legitimate wealth and achieve justice in your affairs.