Environmental imperative

Environmental imperative
Levit Hannibal Izrailevich
Academy of Ecosocial Technologies
The key message of the worldwide ecological movement is all must respect GEP – the Global Environment principle – do not harm the environment.
In the early 21st century Russian scientists Chigirev V.A. and Iunatskevich P.I. proposed to the world community a universal humane method of the regulation of social relations in the field of environmental protection – the discursive-judgmental method.

Prevention of social disasters: Discursive-judgmental Method

Prevention of social disasters: Discursive-judgmental Method
Iunatskevich Petr Ivanovich
Academy of Ecosocial Technologies
Many people consider modern society as a collection of people who act poorly in relation to each other. For centuries there is a struggle with bestial habits, an easy attitude to written law. Many people perceive laws as papers, and ignore them at the earliest opportunity. Social behavior (actions in relation to oneself and other people) depends on the habit. 
A habit is an established way of behavior to react and treat yourself and others exactly rather than another. A habitual action becomes a need for a person in the future.
The habitual action is accompanied by the appearance of a pleasant emotional state. The habitual action is performed automatically, without forceful and emotional efforts.
The habitual reaction of people to each other creates the basis for the emergence of social institutions. This is an organized system of relations and social norms that combines social values and procedures that satisfy the basic needs of society.

Discursive-judgmental Method as a Basis for Ecosocial Technologies

Discursive-judgmental Method as a Basis for Ecosocial Technologies


A secretariat session of the Academy of Social Technologies was held on March 19 2020. The president of the Academy, Iunatskevich P. I., made a report on “Discursive-judgmental Method as a Basis for Ecosocial Technologies”. As result of the report, a decision was made to rename the Academy of Social Technologies into the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies (AEST) on 19 March 2020. In addition, the president of the Academy of Ecosocial Technologies Iunatskevich P. I. was congratulated with his 50th birthday.

AEST corresponding member Levit Gannibal Izrailevich gave the concluding speech congratulating Iunatskevich P. I. with his 50th birthday on behalf of the Academy members.

Levit G. I. 50th Birthday of Iunatskevich Peter Ivanovich

Grim Today and a Brighter Tomorrow: Ecosocial Technologies

Grim Today and a Brighter Tomorrow: Ecosocial Technologies

Yunatskevich Petr Ivanovich

Academy of Social Technologies

02.02.2020 – a beautiful date, when all results are due to be concludedand the future to be looked into. Such a tradition exists and we aim to uphold it.

Grim Today

We are constantly frightened by today’s terrors:

Ecological and man-made catastrophes;

Climate change;

Inequality, poverty, indigence;

Corruption, weaponsof mass destruction;

Terrorism, extremism;

New decease, biotechnology;

Violence and aggression among people;

Depression, loneliness, the feeling of social needlessness;

Divorces and family instability, social institutes crisis (law, education, science, culture, security and etc.);

The loss of social confidence, anomie – the nonobservance of social and domestic rules;

Cyber-addiction and stupidity, dullness from videogames of children and adults;

Artificial intelligence, administrative crime and so on and so forth.

One gets the impression that life is not worth living.

However, there is a way out.

Everything adverse, crises happen as a result of peoples’ ill acts to one another. They do harm to others, to themselves and to their living environment and upset ecology. The Chigirev V. A. school of thought developed technologies called ecosocial technologies back in the USSR in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg. Those technologies are to preventpeople from doing harm to each other. Those are the technologies that transform our world for the grim today to become a brighter tomorrow.

2020 – The International Year of Eco-behavior and Eco-management

2020 – The International Year of Eco-behavior and Eco-management


The Academy of Social Technologies (AST) held a session in Saint Petersburgon 13 December 2019, where the 2019 results and the Academy’s mission of 2020 were discussed. Chigirev V. A. presented a paper on “2020 – The International Year of Eco-behavior and Eco-management”.

The president of the AST, IunatskevichP. I., summarized the session:

There is a shortage of justicein the society. Each individual experiences unjust treatment to one’s self. The scarcity of justice and inequality lead to social disasters and private tragedy, somatic and mental illnesses¸ increase in crime and armed conflicts.Any relationship failure between individuals involves injustice.

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